Screen sharing is probably one of the most underlooked software technologies of recent years which is a real shame considering just how much potential this concept has.

It can be used for a plethora of educational purposes (online training, webinars, tutorials, online meetings, collaborations, etc.).

Even though the technology is no longer considered revolutionary nowadays and also considering we're way past the point of "Can you see my screen yet?" screen sharing apps still pose a few difficulties for less experienced users.

That's just one of the reasons why Deskreen is so great.  Deskreen is a remarkably lightweight and user-friendly app that allows you to both share your screen with others, as well as turn any device into a secondary screen for your computer.

When we mentioned above any device, we meant it. In short, any device that has an in-built, or third-party, browser can be used to extend your computer's screen.

This includes phones (both iDevices and Android devices), tablets, other computers, Smart TVs, and so forth.

The way it works is extremely simple: first, you have to install Deskreen on your computer, then scan the QR code using your phone or tablet (or type in the address in any browser). This operation will open a page on your device with the connection status.

If the address matches on both devices, click "Allow" on the main app (the one installed on your computer). The second step requires you to choose what screen source you want to share. You can choose between the "Share Entire Screen" option, or the "Share Application Window."

You'll be provided with various preview boxes, so choose whichever one suits your needs. The final Step involves you having to confirm all the details by clicking the "Connected Info" button, and that's pretty much all there is to it.

Another great thing about Deskreen is the fact that you can connect (or extend your screen to) as many devices as you want.

The app is fully Wi-Fi compatible, and it also offers you various, useful advanced video quality control features. For example, from the Connected Devices Panel, you can connect or disconnect any of the displayed devices. You can also change the quality while sharing a screen, or you can just select "Auto Quality Change," and forget all about that.

Deskreen is not a revolutionary app by any means, however, it has a very big advantage that should not be overlooked: it's very non-intimidating for average users.

Sure, it could do with a bit more options in regards to quality and screen sharing options, but overall, it's a great tool for the job.