Desktop-3D Notes is a lightweight application that enables you to create reminders and place them on your desktop in the shape of 3D post-it notes. You can create simple notes that can remain on your desktop until the task is done and you remove them manually.

The software supports creating multiple notes, each one containing a different reminder. You can easily reposition them, anywhere on your desktop, so that they do not distract or confuse you while you work. Each note supports a custom length text, that you can view and read by scrolling up and down with the help of the cursor or the arrow keys.

The color of the background and the font style can easily be modified, from the menu on the left. Simply click on the arrow button, in order to unhide the menu, then customize the layout of a particular note according to your wish. Additionally, you can change its position on the desktop, hide it away or set it to stay always on top.

When a task is due in a short time, you may create a 3D note in order to remind yourself of a particular detail. Thus, aside from placing a post-it on your desktop, you may also set an alarm, with custom ringtone. You may easily select any audio file from your computer to serve as ringtone.

After creating a 3D note, you may easily send it by mail or print it. The 3D post-its can only remain on the desktop while the software runs, which is why it is designed to silently run in the background and you may set it to start with Windows.

The post-its created with Desktop-3D Notes feature a 3D effect for a better visual impact. Additionally, you may set the level of opacity to a higher value, if you wish the note to be transparent, or customize the layout of each post-it by changing its color and the font style. Moreover, the software can automatically open at startup, in order to display the reminders as soon as you start your system.