DESKTOP APM is a useful tool that can track your mouse clicks and key presses, determining their number and assessing your daily performance during work hours or gaming sessions. It offers you a method to measure your speed and track habits.

Thanks to its simple interface, the application is very intuitive and easy to use. Even so, you are welcomed by a tutorial at initialization, explaining what each function is and what exactly it does.

DESKTOP APM can monitor the number of keyboard and mouse actions in real-time, while also recording statistical history for you to view at a later time. As such, it displays the clicks / key presses for the last minute, hour, day, week, month or year.

Its main window also displays the highest APM you achieved, the highest distance you moved your mouse and the most inactive time period. Also, it features a function that highlights the most clicked areas on the desktop (suggestively called 'hotspots').

The integrated application tracker enables you to set custom rules for each application you are working with or even set DESKTOP APM to ignore it completely, which means no data will be recorded for that particular program. Moreover, you can configure the minimum time a window should be on focus before it is displayed by the 'Application Tracker'.

You can easily set a target APM (actions per minute) rate and instruct the application to notify you in case the rate drops below the threshold by using sound and visual alerts.

The application can also run in the background, permanently monitoring your actions and recording a sum of key presses and clicks. The collected data is encrypted and you can erase it anytime you want.

DESKTOP APM can motivate you to increase your performance in work and gaming. The data it provides can be an indicator of your dexterity and typing abilities, which can finally lead to enhanced responsiveness and multitasking skills.