Desktop Authority MSI Studio is a software packaging and application installer management solution optimized for use by system administrators.

It has a complete set of features to capture, create and edit Windows Installer (MSI) files, perfect for handling legacy software installations or controlling the behavior of Windows Installer packages.

In addition, the Pro edition allows you to test and validate packages without affecting production systems.

Desktop Authority MSI Studio will help you create and edit MSI files.

Create custom MSIs and MSTs (answer file "transforms") for both legacy and existing installs

Modify MSIs using either a view of the most frequently-accessed properties or by direct access to MSI tables

Improve your MSIs with advanced conversion, merging, validation and extraction features

Create MSI projects using cab files, compressed MSIs, bootstrapped MSIs and certificates

Here are some key features of "Desktop Authority MSI Studio":

Legacy Application Support

■ Monitor changes from a legacy application installer and create a well structured MSI

Repackage on any machine

Desktop Authority MSI Studio connects to a target computer to monitor the files and settings changed by a legacy application installer and capture them in an MSI. This target can be a physical or virtual machine.

Create Response Transforms

■Configure existing MSI files by creating transform files (MSTs) by stepping through the UI of the existing installation and automatically supplying the answers needed to configure it for your environment

Advanced Transform Management

■ Create standalone transforms, merge transforms with MSI files, or create a transform from the difference of 2 MSI files. View and edit transforms with the color coded transform editor.

Compare MSI packages

■ View the difference between 2 MSI files by viewing the changes in the table view with color coded rows, or export the differences to a text file

Create MSP Windows Installer patches

■ Create a Windows Installer patch from two MSIs, so that existing installations can be upgraded without reinstalling the application

Integration with Desktop Authority

■ Directly edit applications in Desktop Authority's software repository, or create MSIs for immediate distribution through DA's software management


■ .NET Framework 2.0


■ 30 days trial