In order to better manage your time, you need to write down all your appointments, thoughts, ideas and plans. Certain software solutions, such as Desktop Task List can help you do just that, and even more, as you can schedule your appointments or set reminders for a certain period of time.

The application gives you the possibility to organize and manage your time and tasks, by writing down every one of your plans, then setting an alarm that notifies you when the action needs to be done. This way, you can easily schedule your meetings and appointments.

Furthermore, the program provides you with an elegant environment for creating your memos, as you can add details about each task, then select a due date.

Desktop Task List allows you to manage your previously created reminders, in order to list out any completed tasks. In addition, you can mark as “Important” any actions that require immediate completion. Besides, you can delay certain tasks, in case any appointments have higher importance.

After you complete any activity, you can still keep it in the list, but marked as completed, so that it can be reused any time. Thanks to the application’s search filter, you can easily access tasks, by simply entering a keyword, due date or the category to which that activity relates to.

With the help of Desktop Task List, you can seamlessly organize your time, by scheduling your most important meetings, appointments, plans and tasks. Besides, you can always cancel any of them, or delay their due date in case that more pressing matters occur.