Made as the portable counterpart of Desktop Zoomer, this is a comprehensive software utility backed by handy options to help you get a better look of your desktop. It provides you with a magnification glass that follows the mouse cursor.

Since there is no setup pack involved, you can save the app directory anywhere on the disk and simply click the executable to launch Desktop Zoomer. Another possibility is to save it to a USB flash drive to be able to directly run it on any PC with minimum effort and no previous installers. It doesn't modify Windows registry settings.

Once launched, Desktop Zoomer creates an icon in the taskbar notifications section and immediately becomes active, so the magnifier is automatically shown on the screen, and it can be disabled by triggering a hotkey.

The glass can be customized in various aspects. For example, you can modify its width and height, zoom factor, position (under the cursor, fixed position, follow the mouse securely), active zone (full screen, select range), quality, border, and refresh rate.

As far as effects are concerned, you can apply a grayscale or negative filter, flip the glass horizontally or vertically, tweak the brightness, contrast and saturation levels, as well as enable a web designer glass.

Desktop Zoomer supplies you with a handy feature for capturing desktop images. It can either copy the zoomed region or the original one, as well as save images as BMP or JPEG in any location you prefer on the disk.

Settings can be saved as profiles, and you can create multiple profiles for different purposes. What's more, you can set new hotkeys for most of these actions, like toggling the glass, cursor, follow caret, grayscale, or web desginer mode.

When it comes to general preferences, Desktop Zoomer can be asked to run at every Windows startup automatically until further notice. You can hide the glass, glass information and options window at startup, switch to another UI languages, as well as reset all settings to their factory configuration.

The application worked smoothly throughout our evaluation, without triggering the OS to hang, crash or display error messages. It didn't hang, crash or display error messages.

On the other hand, the default hotkeys are inconveniently mapped. Because they are accessible at a global level, they overwrite the original keyboard shortcuts, such as holding Shift and pressing letters to write uppercase words. On top of that, the glass is enabled by default, which makes it difficult when starting up Desktop Zoomer for the first time to navigate options and find the button for toggling the glass.

All in all, Desktop Zoomer comes equipped with practical and intuitive options to help you zoom into any part of the desktop, featuring a screenshot grabber, image adjustments, and multiple profile support.