DesktopTodo is an advanced to-do manager which comes with a lot of features that allow you to easily organize a large number of tasks at once and get a better view over them.

The application sports a straightforward interface and gives you the possibility to choose at any time one of the built-in themes to make it fit your style.

Also, with only a few mouse clicks you can choose to hide the advanced options from the interface, leaving it clean and tidy.

This program lets you create a huge number of to-do tasks that can be organized under different user-defined categories, making it easier to track them.

This utility comes with a large number of organizational tools. It supports start/due dates, tags with grouping, as well as filtering and searching capabilities.

Once your task is created, you can use one of the many available options to tweak it. For example, you can choose what tasks are shown in the main window based on their completion, date, priority, and status. You can further filter entries by tags.

One of the many features that DesktopTodo comes with allows you to efficiently edit your tasks once created. You can use its quick editing mode to alter the tasks or you can open its dialog for full control over start/due date, hour, priority, and other parameters.

Also, if you have a more complex task, you can add sub-tasks to it to make it more manageable. The built-in calendar helps you with visualizing and organizing your tasks from a better manner. You can see the entries by date and set up a task on a specific date quickly.

Last but not least, you can synchronize your data from DesktopTodo to Toodledo service so you can access it from any of your compatible devices.

To sum it up, DesktopTodo is a highly customizable and reliable application that allows you to create, edit, and manage your current and upcoming tasks without effort.