If you are working extensively in front of the computer, then you might be looking for ways to entertain yourself, even just for a few seconds in the short breaks you are taking. Designed to bring a bit of fun to your working environment, Desky provides interactive desktop pets for you to play around with.

The interesting thing about Desky is that it can completely transform your desktop with its so-called packs, which work pretty much like themes. Aside from multiple desktop pets, packs also include a matching desktop background to provide the full Desky experience. There are a few installed packs that you can try out but you can also get more from the online library, which will be updated regularly.

For instance, you can turn your desktop into a green field where animated alpacas walk around or, why not, turn it into an aquarium where colored fish swim back and forth. Whether you like animals or game characters, cartoons, space aliens and ships or anything else you can think of, you can use Desky to customize the desktop with the preferred animations.

Each desktop pet is interactive, meaning you can drag it around using the mouse cursor. The blue square in the right corner of the screen is where you can access Desky’s main menu but that is also possible by right-clicking on any of the animations. Here, you can find a series of affects you can apply to each animation. This gives you the chance to have fun with your characters and, for instance, watch alpacas fly when the gravity effect is turned off. Additional effects are available in the online plugins gallery.

While applying a pack is the way to go to get the full Desky experience, keep in mind that you can also change the wallpaper if you want to. Furthermore, you can modify any of the animations, creating custom environments.

One of the most interesting features of Desky is the possibility to create your own animated desktop character. Just import a GIF animation or a sprite sheet to Desky and the new animation will be ready in no time.

Desky is a fun application that turns your desktop into an interactive environment. It provides desktop pets for you to have fun with and interesting themes to enhance your desktop. All things considered; it is an application that is worth trying out, even for entertainment during the short breaks between work sessions.