Desuade Partigen was designed to be an extension for Adobe Flash that will let you create realistic vector and raster particle effects(such as fire, smoke, sparkles), without requiring you to do any complex coding.

Simply put, Partigen is the easiest way to create real-time particle effects for Flash, in Flash.

Every effect is generated in real-time and is fully dynamic – something that pre-rendered movies could never achieve. Since Partigen is an ActionScript 2.0-based engine, there is no video to import - every single particle is made from within Flash at run-time.

Here are some key features of "Desuade Partigen":

The Emitter Tool

■ The emitter tool is the easiest way to create an emitter on your stage. Once your document is set up for Partigen, just select the emitter tool and click on the stage. Insta-particles!

The Partigen Library

■ The Partigen library is one of the most exciting features of Partigen. This is where all the emitter presets are saved, previewed, and applied. You can install new presets and particles without restarting Flash, as well as saving custom presets at design time straight to the library.

Code-hinting, Coloring, and Completion

■ Using Partigen's API in Flash, you have all the functions, parameters and documentation you'll ever need right at your fingertips.


■ The Partigen Engine, the emitters themselves, and all the particles come as components for you add to your movies via the Components panel in Flash.


■ Partigen is an extension for the Flash Authoring Environment, so a copy of Flash MX2004 7.2, Flash 8, or Flash CS3 on either Windows or Mac platforms is required. If you own any those versions of Flash, then Partigen is just for you.