Detwinner is a comprehensive software utility designed to find and remove duplicate files from the PC, in order to free up space. It features advanced and intuitive filters, along with other configuration settings for all user levels.

The tool can be set up as a normal or portable application. The key difference between the two is that the portable edition holds all of Detwinner's configuration files and it can be stored on a pen drive to directly run it on any PC you come in contact with. This way, you can always take it with your wherever you go.

Made from a large window with a plain, yet easy-to-navigate look, the interface has a built-in file navigator that you can use to specify the scan target.

It's possible to include one or more drives or directories in the scan scope, with or without subfolders, depending on your preferences.

Detwinner can be asked to look for exact duplicates or similar images, which takes into account a custom-defined level of similarity when it comes to the file content, whether or not you want to include rotated pics too.

Search results can be narrowed down by establishing many types of filters. For instance, you can limit the file size by specifying a minimum and maximum dimension and measurement unit, verify only files with a specific range of dates and times (created, last modified, last accessed), as well as check the file attributes (hidden, system, read only, archive, compressed, encrypted).

It's also possible to create a whitelist or blacklist with file names and extensions, and put together a list of folders to exclude from the scan scope. Multiple profiles with different settings can be created and saved for later use.

During the scan job, you can select the app's priority level, depending on whether you want to favor scan speed or lower resources usage. Once results are shown, you can check out groups with the original files and their duplicates, as well as study various information, such as the containing folder, size and date.

The tool lets you preview images, sort them by various criteria, pick any files from the list, make a regular expression selection, or make a smart selection automatically (select all duplicates and leave out the original items.

The files can be sent to the Recycle Bin, permanently removed from the computer, or just moved to another folder to deal with them later. All file properties listed here can be compiled into CSV, HTML or XMl reports for closer inspection.

The software application offers support for multiple languages. It worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering the operating system to hang, crash or prompt error messages. CPU and RAM consumption was low during the scanner.

Detwinner needs improvements when it comes to its interface, though, particularly in the graphical department. Otherwise, the utility seems to have a lot of configuration parameters to help you find and eliminate duplicate files to make room for new items. Thanks to its intuitive GUI and options, it can be used by anyone.