Streak is a smart service that improves the way one manages its inbox workflow when it comes to Gmail. Devart ODBC Driver for Streak facilitates the connectivity of any ODBC-aware apps to access Streak through a direct HTTPS connection or by means of proxy servers.

This specific driver offers support for any standard ODBC API function or data type, that permits quick and secure access to Streak from any location.

If you wish to work with Streak elements similarly to SQL tables, the lengthy SQL syntax lets you do just that. Take advantage of SQL-92 compatible statements like various JOINs, WHERE conditions, GROUP and ORDER statements, aggregation functions, subqueries, etc.

Use the Data Source Administrator that comes with the app in order to set it up. Add a data source, description, account ID, and a secret key at that. If you are going to choose to connect by a proxy server, type down the server, the user ID, a password, and the specific port. You can test the connection to ensure everything is in order.

To sum it up, Devart ODBC Driver for Streak advertises itself as a simple yet powerful solution for connecting your compatible third-party tools to Streak's services.