DevExtreme is a comprehensive development tool that provides you with HTML and JavaScript instruments, for Web or mobile applications. It allows you to quickly build, update, improve HTML/JS applications, then pack them as native mobile/Web software using the integrated instruments.

DevExtreme allows you to build mobile applications with the help of a wide collection of UI widgets, SPA (single-page applications) frameworks and vast data libraries. Scripting tools based on JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 can easily be used in application development.

The DevExtreme SPA framework offers numerous capabilities, such as URL routing, view rendering, creating device-specific layouts, cache and state management. The SPA framework engine allows you to share HTML markups, render views with different content, as well as separate views into their own files. Moreover, you can cache views using the built-in algorithms, which can come in handy when switching applications on the mobile phone or receiving a call.

DevExtreme offers you a vast library of widgets that can be used both on websites and in Web applications. The tool comes with a wide collection of UI elements that you can immediately use in app development. You can choose between HTML elements (containers) or JavaScript codes.

DevExtreme offers a large library of UI widgets, such as accordions, boxes, calendars, galleries, progress bars, scroll view, sliders, tree view or tooltips. These widgets are accompanied by the online Theme Builder, which allows you to customize their layout according to your preferences. The Theme builder can export/import metadata scripts or CSS codes for you to copy into your application.

DevExtreme offer you a large collection of widgets, data libraries, tutorials and other development tools. Moreover, this comprehensive tool set can guide you through every step of application design, even when working with Microsoft Visual Studio. It offers support and several demos for this type of process.