DevGrep is a software solution that can help you search, index and identify duplicate files from a specified folder or a hard drive partition. The app was designed mainly for software developers but it can be used by almost any user who needs to perform quick file searches. It sports a user-friendly interface and enough features for handling the search process pretty quickly.

The file searching can be carried out by specifying words, search type (regular expressions, text or whole words only) and the location where the program should look for the needed files. Another useful feature that makes the task much easier is a file type filtering option that allows you to look only for a user-defined format.

It automatically displays in the main window of the app all the items and some additional information about them such as name, type, the output location, matches, size, date and time. The search results may be printed or exported to HTML or CSV.

The app allows users to open documents straight from the main windows with either the built-in text editor or any other word processor installed on the local computer.

Moreover, you may perform a replace within files or search results and scan folders for duplicate entries. It works fast and no errors showed up during our testing. For example, it managed to scan 100 folders for duplicated files in less than one minute. You can also select what file types should be displayed into the main window (e.g. applications, audio or compressed files, documents, data or developer files and others). Not only does it reveal the duplicates, but it also deletes them all of them.

All things considered, DevGrep is a pretty useful tool for all users who want to search, index or find duplicates in their local folders pretty quickly.