Diary Studio is a useful and secure personal electronic diary which helps record personal events, easily organize, and search previous entries.

Unlike other titles of the same type, Diary Studio does not rely on pre-installed components such as MS Word, which some users may or may not have. In addition, the database is not saved in plain text, preventing anyone from reading your journal.

Here are some key features of "Diary Studio":

■ Text formatting. Diary Studio has basic rich text formatting capabilities very similar to Word, and same shortcuts for convenience.

■ Special item properties. Each entry can be marked as a landmark event to give it special importance. An item can also be locked from the publishing feature. One can also bookmark special entries in order to publish quick links to them.

■ Browse and search. Diary Studio allows to view a certain time span of records, and search within a time frame as well. Search words are displayed in a context, so it's clear what each search result is about.

■ Publishing. The whole diary can be published in HTML format. You can publish bookmarks, for easy access by others, link to a home page, define header-footer, publish diary statistics, and more. You may also select the style of the main index page.

■ Tools. Diary Studio is designed with a growing number of entries in mind, so it comes with a set of tools to keep a diary in order. Some tools are:

■ Global replace

■ Global font changing utility

■ File merge

■ Spell checker

■ Thesaurus


■ 25 records

What's New in This Release:

■ Changed published diary tree structure so frames work in both MS Explorer as well as Firefox