Knowing the definition of certain words, even if it's at an average level can greatly expand your ability to talk to different people from various backgrounds.

Dictionary. is a store app available for Windows 10 that acts as both a powerful English dictionary and a portable encyclopedia.

The homepage alone is worth talking about, as it is arranged similarly to the front page of a newspaper. This allows you to gain access to any new information relevant to that day, including latest articles, a "quote of the day," the ability to see what famous person was born or did on that day, etc.

The articles themselves are neatly arranged based on the type of information delivered so that they can be easier to read. Most of them are also accompanied by pictures which are of high-quality, yet not exaggerated to end up making the app have too big of a filesize, or eat up too much bandwidth.

You may use Dictionary. without actually needing constant Internet connection, since the dictionary half of the app is entirely stored on your hard drive (you have to download it manually, but the package's filesize is almost unnoticeable).

Keeping track of interesting information is made easy since Dictionary. remembers all the definitions and articles you've read for future reference, and also give you the option adding some pages to a favorites list.

The app also has a mini-gaming element called "Match-up" where you have to match lesser-known English words to their definitions, and you'll then be given a percentage score based on how well you've done.

Dictionary. brings everything you need to improve your English skills except basic grammar lessons, making it a great app for both native English speaker but also foreigners that want to become polyglots.

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