Diet & Exercise Assistant Desktop is a handy and user-friendly application that comes in handy notably for those who are a keeping a diet or plan to do so. It comes with a complete regime planner to keep track of everyday intakes, finished exercises, along with a daily journal, nutrients table, and a few quizzes to test your knowledge.

The tool helps you calculate the number of calories you have to cut off from your meals in order to achieve the desired body and weight loss goal. It's wrapped in a well-organized yet outdated interface that displays a tree structure with different food categories and products and a view area, which changes based on what tab you choose (e.g. diet plan, logbook, meal log, daily journal, health quiz). Plus, it comes with a calendar and distinct panels (weight, BMR, exercise, blood pressure, charts).

To get started, first, you have to set up your profile by inputting your name, age and start and goal values, along with the corresponding unit measurement, height and gender. The next step is to select the plan that suits your purpose the best (low calorie, fat carbohydrate) and the app automatically calculates the recommended parameters you should consume.

If a category isn't added in the tree, you can easily create a custom group and products, which should be located into the relevant list, have a name and nutritional information. To insert a meal, simply pick the proper category (e.g. eggs, bread, fruits, soups, vegetables, sweets), the product and the served quantity.

The app lets you enter the weight for each day and add what kind of exercises you did, such as aerobics, basketball, swimming, boxing, running, together with the impact it had on you, the amount of minutes you spend and the number of burnt calories.

What's more, you can keep everyday records of your body measurements that include the neck, chest, waist, hips and thighs, as well as generate daily, monthly and yearly charts, based on various criteria.

The bottom line is that Diet & Exercise Assistant Desktop is a handy and intuitive program designed to provide a complete and easy way of keeping an eye on your regular meals and calculate based on your parameters what you should remove from the menu.