With the advancement of technology, the number of documents, photos, and files, in general, has skyrocketed. Applications such as Digital Camera Copier have appeared to help us manage the files we create with our cameras, phones, and tablets.

In spite of its name, Digital Camera Copier is a complete tool that enables you to copy your files to your computer in an organized and orderly fashion. It supports a multitude of handheld devices, such as digital camera, smartphones, tablets, and other media hardware.

The installation process is relatively uneventful, and you can start the application right away. Unfortunately, this is where the problems start; in theory, the software automatically detects any devices connected to your computer and creates a structure to view your files. In reality, you will be plugging your devices in and out hoping it will be recognized by Digital Camera Copier. Furthermore, there are documented issues in the help file, which are time-consuming and not that useful in resolving your problem.

When you get the application to work, you will be able to preview a detailed set of information on the connected device. Everything from manufacturer and type of device to memory usage and battery levels is up for previewing. It is a useful feature, but it is not related to the intended purpose.

If you decide to copy your files to your hard drive, you can select one of two modes: the first includes a date format (with an example next to it) and the second that keeps the structure of the source device. You can then choose a location and start copying files. The application automatically logs all transfers, allowing you to keep things organized.

In the settings window, you will be able to tweak the software moderately. You can view files in a skewed manner, by filtering them based on file extension. You can also delete the files you transferred from the source device.

All in all, Digital Camera Copier is a useful software solution for users who do no wish to perform the tedious task of copying files from one folder to the other.  Sadly, you will encounter some difficulties in connecting your devices. It can be purchased for a moderate price, and it can prove a decent tool for photographers.