When it comes to tabletop RPG games, it is all about the character that you create and take into battles. But building your hero can be a tedious task.

To make things easier for yourself, you can use Digital Character Sheet. This easy-to-use program helps you design your champion however you want them, letting you configure attributes to the smallest of details.

From the first second when you open the program, you get a magical vibe from it. The interface is like that of an old, yellowish scroll, giving it a nice touch of authenticity.

And it does not stop there. When you start moving the cursor around, you can see that the regular white arrow has been replaced with a brown leather glove, further adding to its unique feel.

Right from the start, you can see the first details you can edit, like the character's name and profession. You also have the health stat there, but you can change its name if it doesn't suit you.

From there on you can add many more attributes, as you have 6 primary slots and 12 statistical ones. Each of them can be given whatever value and name you want.

Moving forward, you can create other traits and items in the skills, spells or equipment tabs. Just like with the previous ones, you can name them and add your desire values.

After you are done with making your character as strong as you want them, you can also create their biography. You can write whatever backstory you wish, the only limit being your imagination.

In the Dice Roller tab, you can create new rolls or modify preset ones. It also allows you to try them out without having to use a separate program.

Overall, Digital Character Sheet seems like a sweet program, and every D&D enthusiast should at least give it a try.