Some of us have a tech geek deep down inside, with some being passionate about software and other about hardware.

Digital Clock 3D Screensaver is a software application that will display a piece of hardware in a visually impressive manner.

The thing that will get your attention about this app is the fine attention it pays to details.

The metal casings all reflect light in a way that makes you believe they are made of metal, the wires all neatly colored and all over the place, and the intricate mechanisms all work together to do just one thing: show you the time.

The shadows and various displays also give off a high tech feel which is further boosted by the sound effects of circuitry and tiny motors.

The clock tells you what time it is in a variety of way, from digital LED displays to flip clocks or via incandescent circuits. Interesting enough is how you can lose track of time admiring all these ways you can tell the time. Wordplay aside, the

The music is also a noteworthy element, as the retro-futuristic tunes make you feel in a sci-fi movie.

Despite the seemingly loaded visuals that boast heavy shadow effects and realistic reflections, the screensaver goes easy on your system's resources.

No FPS drops were recorded during testing, neither in animated wallpaper nor screensaver mode. If however, you do experience performance issues, you should know that you can modify many visual and audio features from the settings menu. This ensures that the program will run smoothly regardless of your system's requirements, but it goes without saying that you will be trading some of the eye-candy for an FPS boost.

​Digital Clock 3D Screensaver impresses with its unique theme, futuristic and crystal clear music, and overall nicely done graphics, making it a good app to have if your passionate about electronics, gadgets and all things technological.