If you’re not wearing a watch, there’s a clock set right on your mobile phone. You can tell time by looking at a whole bunch of devices and gadgets, with the PC showing it to you from the beginning. In case you’re tired of the one in the tray area, there are an abundance of alternatives like Digital Desktop Clock.

At a first look, the application looks as if it is part of Windows Gadgets, but it’s actually a stand-alone product. It still needs to be installed, but the process takes only a little while, with the main window popping up once all is set up.

The general visual style of the application mostly refers to a compact rectangle with a digital clock based on the system one constantly shown in the middle. It’s completely up to you what else you want to add on the main window, what colors to be wrapped in, as well as other effects you can find and use in the options menu.

It can easily be moved around the desktop by dragging with the mouse. There’s also a system tray icon so you know it’s active. Unfortunately, it serves no purpose, since the main window can’t be minimized, not even to the taskbar.

When not too busy identifying the exact hour, you can take a moment to customize the visuals. An impressive array of options are at your disposal, with the possibility to add blur, shadow, and glow effects to digits, but also change colors for effects, digits, and the main window itself. Transparency levels are determined from different sliders, which affect outline and the general menu.

The clock format can either show a 24 hour format, or AM/PM. Unfortunately, the application is only used to view time and date, with no options at least for reminders or alarms.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Digital Desktop Clock doesn’t bring anything new on the market, and too few enhancements to your desktop. It can’t replace the system default one, and even though visual customization options are abundant, it could have used at least a built-in alarm feature.