Digital Music Pad is a professional Windows audio application whose purpose is to help you carry out conversion operations, rip audio CDs, grab metadata from the Internet using the CDDB service, apply special effects, as well as burn CDs.

You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup but you need to take some time and experiment with the built-in parameters if you want to make the most out of this comprehensive software.

The tool lets you switch between the audio converter and audio player mode. You can also rely on the help manual for finding out additional information about the functions of the program.

When it comes to uploading audio files in the working environment, the app lets you carry out search operations in a user-defined location from your computer and apply filters by file extension, namely AAC, FLAC, AC3, VOC, WMA, OGG, VOX, WV, AIFF, AU, and others. Additionally, you may upload files from playlists, such as WPL, M3U, and PLS file format.

Digital Music Pad lets you convert audio files to MP3, AAC, MP4, WMA, OGG, PCM, or other file format. The tool offers support for a step-by-step approach, so even rookies can learn to configure the dedicated parameters with minimal effort. Plus, you can make use of batch processing, which means you can add multiple audio files and process them at the same time.

The program lets you choose between a manual or automatic ripping mode. The automatic one is recommended in case you want to carry out the entire process in the background and receive a popup notification when the task comes to an end.

The manual ripping feature allows you tweak the operation in detail. You may view information about each track, download track and album info from the CDDB service, download album covers, set up file naming rules, apply audio file filters (normalize, amplify, fade in or out, remove silence), rip a portion of the tracks, as well as alter ID3 data.

You can make use of the MP2/MP3/WMA tag editor in order to edit the information about title, track, year, artist, comment, album, genre, composer, and other details. Additionally, you can update all files in the list with just one click, search for lyrics on the Internet, and add up to six images per file.

Digital Music Pad allows you to enhance and resize album cover artwork by cropping images, rotating them to different angles, embedding custom text messages, resizing them, and applying filters, such as sharpen, contrast, color balance, and others.

Furthermore, this audio software empowers you to split or join audio files, use the built-in audio editor for adding fading in or out effects, performing basic editing operations (cut, copy, paste), inserting silence, and applying audio effects, such as echo, normalize, and stretch, as well as make use of DirectX effects.

All in all, Digital Music Pad proves to be a rich-featured utility that comes bundled with a complete toolkit for helping you manage your audio files, and is suitable especially for professional users. However, several improvements are welcomed in the GUI area in order to make the entire process more intuitive.