DIPLink enables you to run a web server on your home PC even if your internet provider used dynamic IP numbers. DIPLink periodically checks the IP address of your computer.

If it changed, DIPLink will generate an HTML link file and ftp it to a designated external web space, e.g. the webspace that you usually get from internet provider (ISP). You can then either have a link from your homepage to the link file or you can register your own domain name and forward it to the link page. If then an http request for your domain name comes in, it will be forwarded to the Link page which resides on your ISP webspace. This will link the request to your home computer where your web server is running.

Here are some key features of "DIPLink":

■ Running your own webserver at home does not limit you by web space quotas that are usually quite low with the free webspace that you get from your ISP.

■ Depending on your web server, you can make use of ASP, PHP, SQL server, etc. which you usually only get if you are using an expensive web hosting company.

■ The link is fast, usually the surfer will see the link page only for less than a second.

■ You can use your own domain name which is not possible with the free dynamic DNS services that are offered on the Internet.


■ It will only run continuously for 24 hours