Direct MKV Converter is a compact utility capable of converting half a dozen video formats to MKV directly, without compression or encoding. It supports input formats such as AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, VCD, or DAT.

The installation process will also include the MKV codec, which would be wise to install, as it appears to be an important element for the app's functionality.

Talking about functionality, there is an unavoidable issue. Even the app's GUI brings that aspect up, as a top-placed banner will let users know about conversion misfire. Yes, it is possible to have unsuccessful conversions, and that is caused by the lack of encoding and decoding from the process. On the flips side, that boosts the conversion speed. In short, if you can live with some failed conversions in exchange for speed, this app's all for you.

Regarding the UI, that it's a small panel peppered with buttons. Luckily, converting a file is pretty straightforward, as you have to only select a video, determine the output location, and hit Convert.

Bottom line — Direct MKV is not the sharpest tool in the shed, at least not with its limitations, but it can be of help to anyone interested in converting videos to MKV really fast, as that appears to be the only strong feature of this app.