DirectDVD is a full-featured Digital-DVD player and Software Decoder for Windows that brings the most powerful DVD Movie capabilities direct to your PC.

With DirectDVD's Software Decoder, you are able to watch all your favorite DVD movieswith enhanced audio capabilities like Dolby and Circle Surround from SRS Labs.

пї­ 3D Headphone Technology from SRS

DirectDVD offers 3D Headphone Technology from SRS Labs - including SRS WOWXT/ SRS WOWHD - Designed for users who want 5.1 surround or 3D type broadcast of AC3/DTS content! Turns your Headphones into a full Theater Event

пї­ SRS Circle Surround II & 6.1

Expand your audio input by 6.1 Channels - accepting 5.1 or 2 channel audio SRS Circle Surround II can expand the audio to 6.1 of digital outputDirectDVD Navigation and Special Movie Features

пї­ DirectDVD allows you to access advanced Navigation and Special Features found on your DVD Discs. Using Advanced Directshow DVD Navigation Filters, Users can easily jump from scenes and titles

пї­ 3D DVD Bookmarks

The first and only DVD Player with advanced Bookmark technology. Easily navigate with special 3D/Directshow Bookmarks that allow saving of images and direct launch.

пї­ Advanced Audio Surround Audio Support

DirectDVD Support Input Technology From Dolby/SRS/DTS/Sony and other Surround Providers. We provide the strongest support for default import and system required chain builds.

пї­ Clear View -VMR DVD Picture

VMR System and EVR Quality picture control makes certain that your picture quality is always the best quality. Matching the system specs your machine was built for and avoiding missed pixels and renders.

пї­ Direct IFO Support for Direct DVD Load

пї­ Load DVD Movies directly from DVD IFO files! DVD Movies on External Devices can now be played directly in DirectDVD using the IFO backend support. Just click to load a IFO and start playback.

пї­ 10 band EQ and Spectrum/levels

View live Audio Output with special 3D Digital Spectrum Controls and 5.1 Meters. See what activity your DVD content is exporting and check system response to these audio levels.