In case you are sharing a computer with multiple users and need to keep certain files there, then there is a chance that they accidentally deleted, moved or renamed them. To prevent these mishaps to happen in the future, one idea would be to disable the cut, copy, paste, delete or rename commands that are standard in Windows' context menu.

Disable Context Menu Items is a lightweight utility that allows you to remove the standard commands from the context menu for each account using the computer.

The program comes with a rather rugged, but intuitive interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. The GUI consists of a single window where you can specify the functions that you want to be disabled along with the users accessing the computer. It goes without saying that you can create custom profiles for each user and saving the configuration is as simple as it gets, as all you need to do is hit the OK button.

According to the developer, the tool can work very well in conjunction with Simple Disable Key, an application that restricts the use of common shortcuts used for the same commands. The commands that can be disabled via either of the tools include cut, copy, delete, rename and properties. In addition, you can configure the double click so that it opens a file instead of giving the possibility to rename it.

All in all, Disable Context Menu Items is an application that addresses administrators who want to make sure that multiple users sharing the same computer do not modify or delete each other’s files intentionally or accidentally. The app can work just as well on a home computer that you allow children to access, as it can prevent them from changing files and folders.