Creating backups for your data and storing it on another partition of your HDD might seem like a good idea until you run out of space.

Disk-O: can help you overcome this problem by creating the backups in your online accounts instead.

You can start by selecting the folders you want to backup, then choose the target platform.

At this point, you need to make sure you have valid credentials for whatever cloud storage you want to use, then login to each corresponding account via a browser.

You need to authorize Disk-O: within each platform you want to connect to.

Due to this application, you can also connect one or several cloud storage accounts and access their contents as if they were just another partition on your PC.

Disk-O: supports a wide range of services, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Webdav, Amazon S3, AWS, MCS, pCloud, Mail-Ru Cloud, Teambox, or Yandex.Disk.

When you create a backup in the cloud, all the data from the source directory is synchronized with the one from the cloud storage. This means that whenever you remove a file from the source folder, Disk-O: asks you whether you want to keep the item in the cloud or if you want to delete as well.

Furthermore, once you have created a backup, you can easily restore it at a later time, by simply selecting the platform that stores it and logging in.

All in all, Disk-O: can help you speed up a plethora of actions related to creating backups, keeping them safe and restoring them.

You can even set the app to require a PIN whenever a connected drive is opened, so as to prevent unauthorized access.