Since the hard disk is a key component to any computer, you should scan it regularly to detect and take care of any potential problems.

Disk Size Explorer is a small program that allows you to keep track of space on your hard disk and ensure its optimal use.

Not only does it display a great report on how space is used on your local and network drive, but it also enables you to view the data as lists, bars or pie charts. Moreover, you can choose to preview the report in percentages or view the size displayed in bytes or Gigabytes.

The logs include information such as cluster size, file system, drive type and the file distribution statistics. You can save the scan reports along with the graphs for later use by exporting them to HTML, Excel or plain text.

On a side note, depending on the size of your drives or folders, the program can work slower and have a low responsiveness. Since some users might even get the impression that it got stuck, it would be nice if the scanning process was better optimized.

While the application allows you to select a drive or folder to be scanned at startup, the available options include performing a fast superficial scan and highlighting the compressed files in the folder trees.

The automatic scanning function could use a few more options, such as to allow you to set up a schedule when it should perform certain tasks for instance. In addition, the utility could really use a feature that enables you to reclaim space on your hard drive or a defragmentation analysis, for instance.

Without denying that Disk Size Explorer scans thoroughly and offers you a detailed analysis of the space usage on your hard disk, it is a rather simplistic application overall. Nevertheless, it is intuitive and user-friendly, so it could be a good tool for users with limited computer skills.