Even though computers nowadays come with equipped with multi-terabyte HDDs, the truth is that a lot of users point out that they manage to run out of hard disk space.

Disk Sizes is a very small application designed to offer you valuable information about your hard disk and other drives, so you can decide on the most suitable course of action.

First off, you should know that the application allows you to find out valuable information such as the type of drive, cluster size, used and free space and the total size from the main window. Moreover, the tool enables you to specify whether you require this information for your hard disk or if you would like to include other types of drives, such as CD /DVD, RAM, Network or removable devices.

Considering the kind of information it provides, it does not come as a surprise that the utility comes with a plain and rugged interface that consists of a relatively tiny window. Although small, the UI is well organized and the chances of not finding the info your need are very slim.

It is necessary to mention that the tool allows you to preview the total disk size relative to the cluster size of a drive. Moreover, you can export the information to a TXT file, a feature that can prove quite useful when you want to determine the disk use of a program or other file sets, for instance.

You should know that the app also enables you to refresh the information and recalculate the disk size whenever you make changes on your computer, such as uninstalling a program or deleting temporary system files, for example.

In the eventuality that you are working on a project that entails knowing the disk use of specific programs, then Disk Sizes might be the tool you need to retrieve this data.