DiskArcher is a powerful and the easiest backup utility for personal use.

Just drag-and-drop files you want to save.

You don't need to learn how to backup. DiskArcher knows how to do it!

DiskArcher makes several copies of each selected file and stores these copies in different places to protect your data from accidents. DiskArcher updates copies when you change your files.

DiskArcher helps you to find files on your disks that you have forgotten to backup.

DiskArcher is a software which does backup files from local and network drives..

DiskArcher supports file compression.

Here are some key features of "DiskArcher Backup Utility":

■ DiskArcher can make backup copies of files from local and network drives.

■ DiskArcher stores backup copies on local and network drives. It recognizes the type of the media (removable or not), so, for example, you can spread your copies on several diskettes and several network drives.

■ DiskArcher analyzes if some file changes, then updates its copy in the archive.

■ DiskArcher makes as many copies of any selected file as you want. So, you can get the full history of file modifications and retrieve any of its versions.


■ 30 days use limitation