A party without music is not a party worth having. What's more, to ensure a smooth transition and effect between tracks, specialized applications such as DJ-Player are used. It gives you the possibility to easily insert the night's playlist and combine tracks in order to keep the crowd constantly on the dance floor.

One first look at the application and you quickly realize it's not exactly what you were expecting. The interface is kept incredibly simple, but the overall design feels a little rough around the edges, leaving you to wonder where features are located.

The truth is that there aren't so many, the application limiting you to importing a selection of songs and play them in two separate players. Unfortunately, you are only able to take advantage of MP3 files, adding them either through a dedicated menu or by dragging them over the playlist.

What's more, you need a considerable amount of speed in order to keep up with requests, because playing a song requires you to manually locate it in the playlist, and trigger it through the context menu in the player you see fit. It would have been useful to simply drag them over the available players.

Furthermore, you might notice the complete lack of any effects or possibility to create them. In case you want to enhance sound, it is only done through individual volume sliders or by playing effects found under the MP3 format.

Nor is there an implemented equalizer to alter sound. What you do have access to however, is the possibility to rig up a microphone to your computer for more sound editing options. In all your activities, take caution when using the “Stop” command, because another file needs to be loaded for the player to become active again.

On an ending note, you certainly won't become a professional DJ if using DJ-Player, nor will you be the life of the party. Options put at your disposal make the application lack integrity and personality, with nothing else to do other than playing two audio files at the same time, with different volume levels.