Dj Promixer Free Home Edition is a simple to use tool created specially for DJs. It offers you a simple means of playing music as you would normally do using actual, analog players.

You get two decks in which you load the tracks, an equalizer that controls the high, mod and low frequencies and BMP synchronization. Dj Promixer Free Home Edition provides an auto loop function along with six memory banks for the CUE which you might find a bit tricky at first but it gets easier once you use them with the displayed waveforms.

The virtual DJing tool also offers you the possibility to create and manage your own music library which you can store under the form of playlists. Files can be added one at a time or or entire folders can be inserted.

From the file explorer you can simply drag and drop tracks into the appropriate playlist, a feature that comes in very handy in a live set when you make the playlist as you go along. There is though a rather big setback when it comes to them. You can’t delete a track from it once it is added, it stays until you delete the entire list.

For all the loaded tracks, if the information is made available during encoding, the application displays BPM values and total play time. You also get a sampler that comes with the classic siren, police, noise and thrill sounds. They can be loaded at the same time to both of the decks or individually.

Dj Promixer Free Home Edition offers you an automix function that automatically creates the transitions between the tracks that are present in a playlist, allowing you to focus more on the tracks to come rather than what’s already been chosen.

All in all, Dj Promixer Free Home Edition has a lot more to offer than it is presented above and that’s why you should give it a try.