Computers can be equipped with a large variety of applications in order to enhance every work or leisure activity. Music creation makes no exception, nowadays being enough to generate high-quality audio works of art with a few mouse clicks and a keen sense for music. In this regard, DJ ProMixer Netbook Edition gives enthusiasts the possibility to combine sounds for a spine-chilling result.

Running the application brings up a professional display of an abundance of sliders and knobs you can use to bend sound according to your likings. If you've ever used a mixing application then you instantly get accommodated, but beginners are also advised to try it out, thanks to the intuitive design.

You can add a decent amount of audio formats to custom playlists to have audio resources at hand. This is practical in case you decide to use the application to create live music.

What's more, by simply dragging desired files over any of the two available decks you get them moments away from being heard by anyone that's willing to listen.

Each deck is equipped with an impressive amount of effects and controls, up to six loop slots along with corresponding tempo controls.

There's also a center command panel, featuring a tab structure that lets you access a mixer, effects rack, automated mixer tool, as well as a customizable sampler equipped by default with several effects.

In terms if quality, the application does a pretty good job at offering the most out of audio files as possible. What's more, accessing the configurations menu lets you select various output drivers like ASIO or Direct Sound, as well as individual output devices for each deck, or even external mixers, if available.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that DJ ProMixer Netbook Edition is a powerful audio mixing application equipped with various output configurations, as well as an abundance of effect racks, sliders and knobs that provide real time feedback. Popular audio formats can be imported with only a few mouse clicks to ensure a smooth flow and transition between songs and effects, making it definitely worth a try.