DJ Streamer is a user-friendly and lightweight piece of software that is aimed at helping you stream or play your favorite music or your microphone input over the Internet.

Its utility is evidently determined by its ability to broadcast your favorite songs and playlists to friends and family.

Therefore, this small app can be quite useful if, for example, you want to stream your microphone input while playing games over the Internet with your friends or while chatting with them via communication apps that do not offer native microphone support.

After a fast installation process, you can start using this app pretty much straight out of the box, without much adjustments to its settings. A handy feature is the fact that it enables you to load audio files such as WAV, OGG and MP3 either in the traditional way by clicking the “Add Files...” button, or via drag and drop.

The main window of DJ Streamer is neatly organized and it offers an airy feeling, as well as direct access to the app's main features, mostly thanks to its large buttons.

Your music files can be paused, stopped, skipped, rearranged or played in a shuffle or a continuous loop mode of your choosing. At the same time, the tool also makes it possible for you to create multiple playlists, then switch between them from the app's main window.

This said, DJ Streamer also helps you assign custom keyboard shortcuts to all the actions described above. You need to simply access its Preferences window and select the Key Mappings section and manually assign them (by default, no associations are provided)

Taking all of the above into consideration, DJ Streamer is a small and quite efficient application that makes broadcasting both your playlists and microphone input seem like a walk in the park.