DJRipper is software that allows you to convert your music from your audio CD's or Karaoke CD+G discs into digital mp3 or ogg files.

DJRipper automatically polls the internet to name your tracks for you using the CDDB database.

In addition to being easy-to-use, DJripper has a full set of advanced features that experienced users will appreciate. The formats supported by DJripper are MP3, MP3+G, WAV, and OGG.

DJripper will allow you to playback your ripped MP3+G and MP3 files so you can hear and see the quality that DJRipper offers.

Here are some key features of "DJripper":

· Rip CD+G Karaoke discs or Regular Audio CDs.

· Make CD-quality encodes at bit rates up to 320kbps

· Encode CDs in minutes.

· One click encoding. You can customize options to your liking, then encode CDs with just one click.

· Lame MP3 Encoder

· Ogg Vorbis Encoder

· Read album information from remote CD Database (CDDB)


· Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher

· 5MB free disk space

· 8x CD-ROM Drive or faster


· 7 days trial

· Rips only the first 5 tracks