DMT SQL Block Monitor is a powerful tool for SQL Server users that can monitor the execution of statements in order to identify those processes that cause long response time for the end user or high resources usage.

The application seamlessly works with multiple editions of SQL Server, from 2000 to 2012, as well as MSDE 2000. Its goal is to provide server and database administrator with a way to optimize connections and offer their users a more pleasant experience.

No additional components need to be installed in SQL Server for the connection to be initiated. The only requirement is that the user name found in the SQL Server's registration must be a system administrator.

All SQL Server instances that DMT SQL Block Monitor is registered to are displayed within its main window, in tree view. You can easily organize them in different groups for easier identification and navigation.

DMT SQL Block Monitor displays a line chart that illustrates the evolution of blocking events in real-time. The same graph is shown within a small floating window that remains on the desktop even if the application is minimized.

For each detected event, the software can show you details concerning the SQL Server processes and their corresponding host, the used database, their duration up to the current time, the number of disk read and write actions, CPU time and used memory. Also, it shows the last executed SQL statement that actually caused the clog, enabling you to kill the connection.

DMT SQL Block Monitor oversees the smooth functioning of your SQL Server instances, displaying alerts in case blockages are detected and enabling you to take the necesssary measures to fix the issue. It can keep records of blocking events and generate detailed reports about SQL statements involved in the process.