DNX-03 is a VST plugin that emulates a multiband compressor and allows musicians and sound engineers to benefit from its functions without the required hardware components.

This tool is based on analog models, but has extended functionality. For instance, this VST comes with a noise removal feature and also wide stereo module for each one of the frequency bands.

Musicians can rely on this tool if they need an efficient method of splitting input signal into multiple frequency bands without having to make use of specialized hardware components. This can be achieved easily, as the utility relies on a crossover that supports 6dB per octave.

Each frequency band is routed through a corresponding stereo processor that users can further configure by adjusting gain or compression values and toggle stereo image compression mode. DNX-03 supports a maximum of three frequency bands, but allows users to fine-tune them to their finest detail, according to their preference.

After being processed, the processor and compressor output signals are redirected to the master output. This VST allows users to rely on four modules by combining the action of two switches: LIMITER and TUBE.

Flicking the TUBE switch on locks the dB FS values to zero, while switching only the LIMITER on sets the peak output to 0 dB and eliminates distortion. Alternatively, users can choose to toggle both the functions on or switch them off together.

The first situation helps musicians simulate a tube environment with brickwall effects, while the second one removes the limit threshold of the output signal and deliver a full-power sound.