Keeping a text and file secured does not always mean keeping it hidden well within your computer. It can be easily found and viewed.

It is considered good practice to secure your files with an encryption algorithm, because this way you can keep files in plain sight or send them securely over the Internet or email, without worrying that they will be so easily decoded.

DoCrypt is an application that helps you encrypt your files or various text blocks with AES and DES cyphers. It requires Java installed in order to properly function.

The program features various encryption algorithms, such as AES and DES, that can help you secure most of your documents and files. Furthermore, you can see every step of the encryption process, so you can get an idea on how the cyphers work and are applied.

You can create your own set of keys, which you can save and later use to encrypt various files. The application can also compute the hash digests of certain texts, which are unique. They can be used to verify the authenticity of a document.

DoCrypt provides you with several text encryption algorithms: the Caesar and Vignere cypher, called commonly shift and shuffle, as well as the password cypher and a variation of the first, called multi-shift.

The program enables you to select the shifting values, explaining you the effect each one has, so you can get a better understanding of how encryption works.

In addition, the application can safely encrypt multiple files and save them in a ZIP archive, which can be easily attached to an email and sent.

DoCrypt helps you secure your information by encrypting it using various AES and DES ciphers, which are considered some of the most reliable key algorithms.