The implementation of barcodes in the leading industries has meant that traceability and process efficiency could be maximized quite easily. This has led to the rise of specialized software addressing all the complementary aspects, but the prevalent issues addressed pertain to reading, interpreting, and printing barcode data. Aiming to tackle such specific requirements, DOS Command Prompt Barcode Tool will provide users with specialized means.

This application was created precisely in order to offer a DOS, command-line-based approach to reading and printing barcode data, from both JPG and TIFF image formats, and it comes equipped with a set of pre-defined commands with a specific syntax for all of its functionality.

DOS Command Prompt Barcode Tool is deployed as a portable package, meaning that users who are accustomed to working on the fly, or from various storage devices, will be able to do so successfully. Furthermore, in order to come to the aid of those who might be novices in involved techniques or those who wish to test out the application’s functionality, a series of sample images are provided with the deployment package.

Thorough documentation also accompanies the package, therefore ensuring that users have the opportunity to become familiarized with the used commands and syntax.