Sometimes you get tired of the way your PC sits idly, so you probably decide to spice things up with a screensaver or two, but with so many to choose from, it can become quite a hassle.

Downyhood Screensaver is a neat desktop enhancement tool that doesn't boast any flashy 3D graphics but makes up with a hint of nostalgia.

If you have a kid or two in the house and you want them to be entertained, then this app can do the trick. It showcases Downyhood, a cartoon town filled with whimsical, funny and adorable residents. All you have to do is lean back, relax and have the occasional laugh as you watch the creatures of Downyhood go on with their everyday lives.

Some talk to each other, some stumble and fall in a hilarious fashion, and other take five-minute laps at 30-second intervals. This app is designed in cartoonish 2D, but that doesn't mean anything with above-average 3D graphics surpasses it.

The app's graphics make the software next-to unnoticeable for your system's resources and will show no drop in FPS values or performance spikes, no matter how many other software apps you have running in the background.

Additionally, the "Settings" menu from the OS' screensaver manager doesn't offer any performance-enhancing features. All it does is enable or disable a clock, speed-up the day-night cycle of Downyhood and some sound and music effects.

Downyhood Screensaver is a great screensaver that will charm anyone that loved watching 90's cartoons during their youth and not only. The 2D graphics hold their own among nowadays' screensaver with the sense of nostalgia it can awaken in anyone's heart, making it an excellent screensaver to have in anyone's digital library.