If you need to make sure that your deleted files are permanently gone and nobody can recover them,  you need more than a delete function and a recycle bin, you need a professional tool that makes use of particular methods to remove your files efficiently. DoYourData File Eraser is one of those tools, and it can give you a helping hand.

Right from the start, you have the impression that the UI is missing something, but after a couple of minutes, you realize that all the tools and functions are neatly arranged in a spacey and straightforward interface.

The largest element is the Add button, but if you pay close attention, you can find a settings wheel and a history tab. Excepting these three, there are no more menus or hidden options.

If you click on the settings wheel, a list of four erasure methods will pop up. These methods are arranged by the efficiency level they hold. The first one, "HMG Infosec Standard 5" is the most basic one and executes one override round, not great, but still better than any OS standard method. The seconds one is "U.S. Army AR380-19" and offers three override rounds, meaning that it will override the original file you need to delete, with three rounds of random information that strikes the file integrity directly, making it harder to recover, if not, impossible.

The third one, "DOD 5220.22-M" has seven rounds and, comparing it to the first two, it's a big deal. Finally, the fourth reaches the peak efficiency regarding file erasure; it executes 35 wipe rounds, meaning that your file is lost forever.

Naturally, your HDD/SSD are the first things you think about when opting for this type of app but keep in mind that DoYourData File Eraser can work its magic on external drives as well. USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and other storage media are coming under the same treatment.

DoYourData File Eraser is a powerful application that can permanently erase data from both internal and external storage spaces with no problems. The clean and well-build UI allows even the not-technical user to safely and efficiently operate it.