If your BluRay/DVD/CD-drive: long opening drive, to report bugs, refuses to read disks, then need hold prevention. In most cases, the cause of such trouble - the tainting of Optics. Optics polluted, when the CDs become dust, or they get water or dirt. There are many ways to clean your optical device. But most of them do not give us the desired result. We give you a revolutionary method of cleaning your equipment by using the software method.

As hard as it may seem to believe, you will see that it actually works.

The laser in your CD-Drive is powerful. He allows you to burn paper, plastics and much more. When reading the laser is gradually clears its optics, if the process does not happen, after 1-2 months be occurred write fault bugs. Such a process is inefficient because it takes a lot of time. We fix this by entering the cycle of continuous reading of a file up to 100 times thereby increasing the effect of 17.0963998 times, which is much higher than in the normal reading.

The program has several stages of cleaning:

Slow 2048bit; Combined 4096bit; Strong 16384bit

Each of the degrees (x-bit transfer of information) affects the temperature of laser heating and the speed of reading. All this combined to create a powerful system allowing for a short time to remove dust / dirt so in the most difficult places