Dr. Jekill is a fun webcam software that can turn any cute face into a hideous freak! Guaranteed!

Have you ever wished you could drink some kind of magic potion that had the effect of transforming your appearance dramatically? Or should I say monstruously?

I guess not... or maybe as long as you can get your normal appearance back!

We have concocted some strange magic potions for you to try! It will make you look like a monster, I admit! But don't you worry, it is perfectly safe! We provide the antidote!

Drink our potions and reveal the monster in you! You don't need more than a webcam connected to your PC and Dr Jekill.


■ Webcam

■ DirectX 8 or higher

■ 1000 Mhz processor minimum

■ 256MB RAM minimum


■ 15 days trial