Designed for both Windows desktop devices and mobile-based gadgets, Drawboard PDF is a comprehensive piece of software that aims to streamline the collaborative process by enabling you to annotate and markup PDFs with the help of its extensive set of tools and versatile environment.

This said, with the aid of this useful app, you should be able to reduce the number of printed documents to quite a large extent, as well to give up on using pen and paper.

Subsequent to its installation and upon first launching the app, you are met by a modern-looking and very reactive user-interface. The utility makes it easy for you to create new PDFs from scratch, open already existing ones, annotate and export your projects as widely compatible PDFs.

In addition, you can fill out digital forms, insert bookmarks, pin other files to Drawboard PDF's main window, add signatures, text, shapes, lines, polygons, arrows, notes, audio notes and much more.

Furthermore, the utility enables you to underline, strikeout, highlight parts of your PDFs, flatten annotations and share them with others with just a few mouse clicks.

Most of what has been described above is possible thanks to a very intuitive all-encompassing wheel tool. Not only does the tool provide quick access to all the main features, but it can also be moved around the interface and placed almost anywhere so that it will never get in your way while working.

With its versatility and its interesting set of features, it is quite easy to see why this app is suitable for architecture, construction, engineering, education and even business projects.

All in all, Drawboard PDF is a powerful and smooth-running app that helps you better collaborate with your team by providing you with a versatile platform that can be used on Windows computers and tablets and a wide array of accessible annotation tools.