In order to change the startup behavior of some applications, you have to edit the BAT files that are associated with them. To do so, you need a reliable software solution that can help you change the content of batch files so that your programs behave differently when ran.

Dr.Batcher is one such application that helps you modify the content of your batch files, or create new ones with ease. In order to properly work, the application requires your computer to have a stable Internet connection.

The application provides you with a convenient way of creating or editing batch files, regardless if you have no experience with them or if you are an experienced programmer. Thanks to the views offered by the program, you can either quickly create batch files with visual editors and wizards or set them up from scratch using the advanced script editor, that comes with syntax highlighting, code tooltips, line numbering and bookmarks.

Additionally, you can use batch files not just to change the behavior of certain applications, but also automate various Windows tasks with ease.

Dr.Batcher can help you quickly build batch files, whilst offering support for searching environment variables throughout your registries and insert them into your BAT scripts. This way, you do not have to manually find each resource you need.

Aside from this, you can export the information contained by BAT or CMD files to formats such as HTML, RTF or TeX, then print them while keeping the syntax highlight of each command.

To sum it up, you can safely use Dr.Batcher to easily automate Windows processes or applications, by creating BAT and CMD files, or editing any of the already existing ones.