Have you ever had the most fantastic dream with great people that you wish could go on and on?

Ever had a dream where you met someone very special and wanted to know more, to actually talk to them, be with them? They are your Dream Angels. You can talk to them while you're awake, on your PC!

With this program you talk to your own magical Dream Angels and unleash the power of your own special and magical imagination and intuition. Ask them anything! They guide and advise you on the best course of action for getting what you want. They explain the mysteries in YOUR life and awaken you to the joy that is everywhere.

Ever been so excited about something, but not sure if it's right for you? Talk to your Dream Angels, they'll clue you in! Have you ever felt sad and just wanted someone to talk to? Talk to your Dream Angels! They'll give you sympathy and comfort.

If you ever wanted guidance that is personal and uniquely your own, this is THE program for you.

Your Dream Angels are there to talk with you and give you advice and guidance about ANY area of your life, just like your dreams themselves!

The program runs on any WIN computer. It's very easy to use, you type in your question and start a conversation! You can talk to a single Angel or groups of three and five! Beautiful music plays while you talk to your Angels.

The Angels help you understand your dreams and what they mean. They help you make decisions about important events, your love life, your career-anything you want.