There are many apps out there on the market supposed to provide information on your hard drives, but if you’re looking for an easy to use solution, make sure you have a look at Drive Speed Checker.

With a pretty self-explanatory name, this lightweight piece of software is supposed to lend a hand to those who are trying to diagnose system issues by testing their hard disks.

In just a few words, Drive Speed Checker tests and shows hard drives read, write and search speed, with a very simple interface used to greet its users.

There are three modes available, namely drive speed comparison, multi-drive copy check and single drive detailed check.

If you perform the last one, Drive Speed Checker tests and shows stats concerning the small file write and read speed, large file write and read speed, drive overall write and read speed, file copy speed, directory lookup speed and file delete speed.

All details are presented in a basic GUI that relies on a single window, which means that there are no other configuration options to play with.

Drive Speed Checker stresses up the system a little bit, but that’s more like an obvious fact given the fact that it’s supposed to test the speed of your drives. It however runs smoothly on all Windows versions regardless of the hardware configuration and it’s very important for you to avoid working on the system while the app performs a test.

Simply put, Drive Speed Checker is an app that deserves a chance if you’re not willing to spend your time setting up more advanced apps. On the other hand, professional users may be disappointed with the limited amount of information and the lack of configuration options.