DriveHQ Email Manager is a reliable software that enables you to create backups for email accounts, including for messages, contacts, calendars and folder structures. The software allows you to generate backup files on demand or set up a schedule and let the software automatically duplicate new data.

DriveHQ Email Manager is simple to use and features a user-friendly interface that allows you to view your online account and Microsoft Outlook configuration side-by-side. The software allows you to create or delete contacts or folders, in both locations, as well as to transfer a particular item from one side to the other. Double direction transfers are supported.

Additionally, the software can indicate the number of unread messages contained in each folder of your online account. The Outlook account is displayed similarly, as folders, representing the dashboard, projects, work packages, resources, history or contacts.

The first time you backup your data, the process may take several minutes, however future backups can take much less time. The software supports duplicating the information stored locally, in Microsoft Outlook to your online account, in order to protect it from damage. Disk cleaning, defragmentation, reformatting and other operations can affect the data stored on your computer. This is why backing up important pieces of information is highly recommended.

DriveHQ Email Manager can perform the file backup on demand, but you may also create a schedule and let the software generate recursive processes according to it. Future backups are much easier to create, since the software can copy only the files that have been modified, in order to save space and time. The software is very convenient since it allows you to select the items you wish to backup by drag and drop.

Once you set up a backup schedule, you can be sure that DriveHQ Email Manager can duplicate important data. Additionally, the software allows you to select each item you wish to copy by individually dragging and dropping it from the box displaying your Microsoft Outlook account to your online storage space. Not only can you duplicate messages, but also contacts, attachments, folders and calendars.