DropToCD (DataCD / DVD) is one of the burning solutions that come with innovative approaches, trying to make the whole process a breeze regardless if we’re talking about beginners or more experienced users.

This particular application tries to impress with the help of a floating box that can be placed anywhere on the screen, enabling users to easily add new files to the burning project by dragging them over this box.

Additionally, the interface of the app is impressively user-friendly, with only a few options, all displayed right in the main window.

As you may guess just by reading its name, DropToCD (DataCD / DVD) is a program developed to burn data discs, but it can also burn an ISO image to disc or save the created project on the local drives with the ISO extension. Just like any other powerful burning tool, it can also erase a rewritable disc and create a bootable one.

Most options are grouped in the main window, which means that it also allows you to finalize discs, eject on complete, enable buffer underrun protection or continue a multisession disc.

The burning engine is fast and stable and the app doesn’t affect the overall system performance while burning a new disk. Everything seems to work okay on all Windows versions, without the need for administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations.

As a conclusion, DropToCD (DataCD / DVD) is a handy burning tool, but it’s not all just milk and honey. It cannot create audio CDs, it only works with the ISO format and it doesn’t comprise a help manual to guide users throughout the burning process.