Regardless of your domain of activity, making a proper first impression is something that needs to be taken into consideration. When it comes to computer applications, DRPU Setup Creator gives you the possibility to create a custom deployment package to easily deliver your software to the end user.

The main window of the application gets you up and running in no time due to the intuitive design. You only need to go through a few steps, which are displayed in a side panel and can be accessed anytime with a simple mouse click.

Your final result can come out pretty fast depending on your approach. The application requires you to select files you want to have deployed, after which you are free to start generating the installer, skipping any other detail.

You start off by selecting general settings, such as product name, version and company details. In case your application's files are all stored in a single directory, it can easily be imported with the help of a dedicated feature.

Additionally, you can choose to have shortcuts placed once the installation is done, as well as set up registries your application requires to properly function. In terms of visual elements, you are strictly limited to a few banners.

Moreover, text displayed throughout the process also lacks customization options, with no possibility to add personalized text strings. Until you create the installer, there is no integrated option that lets you preview your work as you make adjustments, nor any possibility to have it tested before hitting the “Create” button.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that DRPU Setup Creator is a handy solution to quickly wrap your newly created application in an installer package. Features are slightly limited, but you can squeeze a good amount of quality out of those that are available.