DRPU Wedding Card Designer Software is an application meant to provide users with the possibility to create their own wedding cards, as well as other type of cards associated with the event.

The tool allows users to design their wedding cards starting from a blank card, but also offers a multitude of templates loaded right from the start, which can be applied to cards in order to speed up the design process.

With the help of this program, users can build wedding cards, along with reception, response, engagement, place and thank you cards. Moreover, users can choose different pre-defined backgrounds for their cards, but they can also opt-in for a single solid color design.

The software allows users not only to select a specific template and background for their cards, but also offers a selection of styles that can be applied to them, for increased customization options.

In addition to offering access to almost a dozen styles, the program also allows users to make a wide range of modifications to them, including modifying colors, effects, text orientation, image size and position, and more.

Wedding cards can be further customized by adding a series of shapes to them, or by including user's own images. What's more, there's support for cliparts, which can be added to the card directly from the tool's main window.

The program allows users to easily export their newly created cards in the form of images, which can then be easily shared with friends and family. Moreover, wedding cards can be printed or shared by email right from the program, for increased convenience.

The tool can offer not only simple, intuitive wedding card creation and editing options, but also provides users with fast performance without requiring a large amount of system resources for that.

All in all, DRPU Wedding Card Designer Software can prove a good option for those interested in creating their own, fully personalized wedding cards. It is easy-to-use and intuitive, offers a wide range of pre-loaded styles and templates, and also makes card sharing a simple task.